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Asia Pacific/NZ/Auckland, Thriller R16? (unrated) - Mind Control

Title - Mind Control
Rating – R16? (unrated)
Genre - Thriller

A middle aged workaholic CEO and scientist, who is emotionally removed from his family after his wife’s death, Phillip, develops a mind control drug for agricultural use that is stolen and used by Damon, his daughter’s dangerous partner and drug addict, dealer and cause of her suicide. Damon takes over the minds of others and taunts Phillip with the similarity to his, Damon’s own drug dealing and addiction and Phillips developing a drug that will harm society, ironically it does so in the accusers, Damon’s, hands. Damon extends his powers by poisoning the, one, the few, the many, the multitudes and encounters his own self and his insecurities because he has complete control with no resistance from others, with his desires and their outcomes a reflection on him and him alone. Damon says ,‘Turn your lights off. On. Off and on’ and the lights of the country flicker. Time itself becomes virtualized when Damon requires ‘Do tomorrow what you did today'. In the end Phillip uses the fact that Damon’s victims are under Damon's mind control to defeat Damon.

…. Damon poisons the whole population with the mind control drug ….


Antagonist Damon stands staunchly looking out the sky tower windows. He reaches a hand up to his headset microphone.

Turn your lights off

The lights of the whole city turn off.


The lights of the whole city come on.

And off and on.

The lights: flicker, flicker, flicker

Do tomorrow what you did today.

Damon says virtualising time.

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Country – Asia\Pacific, New Zealand, Auckland

Language - English

Runtime – 120 min


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